September 03, 2005

Help for Katrina Victims

Do you have the ability to offer a place to stay for a Hur. Katrina vicitim? Click on the link and you'll find a number sites where you can post your information. I was wondering how plausable it would be for those Military bases that were expected to close to be used as temporary housing for displaced Hur. Katrina Victims? In theory it sounds good yet we need to ensure that it can be accomplished in a manner that would respect the rights of those needing shelter. Logistically it can be done the question is who will get it done? Contact your Congressperson, speak up! Also on my mind is the stress level that victims, emergency personnel, and others are experiencing. These a just a few of the many sites that address stress in relation to disasters:


If you are not able to contribute financially and wonder what can you do in the meantime? Volunteer. The Salvation Army needs more volunteers, contact 1-800-Sal-Army. Not able to volunteer, start a clothing drive whether it's a t-shirt, hat, shoe, or back to work clothing drive. It will help as the hurricane vicitims have long term clothing needs. The donations that are pouring & government help will only go so far and we are talking about great number of people that need EVERYTHING, please keep that in mind during the upcoming weeks & months.
Thanks everyone,


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