September 22, 2005

Links List: Assisting Hurricane Katrina Victims/Survivors

Applying for Assistance:
-Katrina Recovery Assistance
-How to get help

Blood Drives:
-Americas Blood-Givelife
-Host a blood drive

Change Address:
-Social Security Administration
-United States Postal Service
-U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service

Consumer Reports:
-Hurricane Recovery Consumer Guidance

Contacting Congress:
-Via Email, Search Congressional Directory or Via Online Form

Displaced College Students:
-Elearners and ~Student Assistance

-Redcross, Salvation Army, More...

Equipment Rental:
-Disaster Relief Equipment Rentals

Financial Institutions:
-Status of Banks/Fin. Institutions in the affected areas

Health & Safety:
-Centers for Disease & Control Prevention

-Craigslist New Orleans
-Disaster Housing Resource
-Home Flood
-Homes For Katrina
-Hurricane Housing
-Katrina Housing
-Open Your Home
-Welcome Wagon

Hur. Katrina Sites: Affected Areas missing person search
-People Finders:Message Boards and List (Comprehensive list compiled by Yahoo)

Missing Pets:
-Reporting public corruption/government fraud: 1-800-Call-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or visit their site to report it online.

Links List: Assisting Hurricane Katrina Victims/Survivors compiled by:


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