October 14, 2005

Flood Link, Lunar Search Link & More...

It's just past midnight in my neck of the woods. You'll notice there are New items on the side bar which include: listed in the Weather & Flood Section. ESPN Deportes can be found in the Sports Section. If your looking for unique calendars for 2006, you'll enjoy this link.
Have a few more links to share tonight. Let's start off with Google Logo Maker ©2005 Logogle. You'll be able to write text with Logogle and it appears in Google type font above the search portal. Try it out, after you create your logo or header, save the page on your desktop so each time you do a search you'll be using your customized search page. Stop by Google Moon to visit the lunar surface where Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15 and 17 landed.

Have a safe weekend,


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