October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma and Florida 8:31pm Update

Hurricane Wilma has picked up speed and we are getting great local tv coverage of her progress. So far, thunder is sporadic and it's raining here. Hurricane Wilma is moving North East towards Florida at about 14 miles per hour at this time. This was the 8pm intermediate advisory from the National Hurricane Center.
I had been working on a list of things to do and not do to do before a hurricane and instead am providing a Fema Fact Sheet . I would add to please remove pictures from their frames if possible and keep them with your important documents. Last but not least, please do not use candles if you lose electricity, wind and candles don't mix!
Stay indoors and we'll stay in touch.
Links of Interest:
Traffic Hotline 511 Accessed via cell phones.
National Doppler Radar includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam


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