October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma and Florida and National Hurricane Center Update

Less than an hour ago Max Mayfield, Dir. of National Weather Center featured 3 Hurricane Wilma projection models. The first model rocked me a little since it puts her really close to us. The second model does not look good for South Florida at all and the third model seems to keep the system lingering off the coast of Cuba. In any case, a more accurate forecast will be available within 2 days in the mean time, stay informed. The good news is that it's still too early to pin point exactly where and when she is making landfall or how strong she will be for that matter. I call that good news because it allows more preparation time and that is always good. It's not just a matter of boarding up, it also has to do with getting gas without dealing with the long lines or fear of gas shortages. I am so looking forward to end of hurricane season!!!
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