November 02, 2005

Bird Flu, Online Shopping & Safety, Intro to Blogs and more...

~Obtain the facts about *avian *influenza a.k.a. bird flu by visiting frequently asked questions at the World Health Organization site or visit the Pan American Health Organization.
~More people will do their holiday shopping online due to the high cost of gas & free shipping offered by some online retailers according to research results conducted by Jupitermedia. published a research by on this issue.
~In a recent article CNN/Money describes how more money will be spent on charity versus gifts this holiday. In any case, if you intend to do your shopping online, you'll benefit from reading this Shop Online Safely article hosted by the Federal Trade Commission.
~You've heard the buzz about blogs for a while but you're not sure it's for you and want to know more, visit Wiki WordPress for an intro to blogs.
~Looking for clean jokes? Then you might get a kick reading through the joke archives at Good Clean Funnies List hosted by
~Winter Olympics schedule at
* Definitions provided by


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