November 05, 2005

A New Blog Name, Tips and Suggestions

It's been a busy morning but it started out on a good note. So far, no one has been hurt on the making of this post. Departing slightly from my normal link posting until I finish reviewing those sites for errors and dead links.

Here is a running list of new blog names because I want to change the name of this blog, am open to suggestions. So far the list consist of:

1. My Link Blog (obvious)
2. A New Link Blog (boring)
3. Ave L Blog (just to be different)
4. See Blog Grow (corny)

Tips: If you are looking to find ways to cut down on your blogging time without sacrificing content, using a cell phone to send drafts to the blog helps cut pc time. Let's say I have an idea of something I want to add to my blog but am away, I simply type it in my cell's multimedia section & send it to my blog and when I get back to the office can edit, add link and post it. I figure I am paying for the service (cell) so why not make it work for me. I have been experimenting with an Audio Blog (haven't posted that link yet) and I must say am pretty happy with the ease of use. I can send an audio post directly to the blog from my phone no matter where I am, pretty convenient if you need to get a message out and not able to post (physically) on the blog. Just wanted to share that.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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