November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Thoughts

So many things to be grateful for so many people to thank, not just today but every day. While looking back at all that has happened not just in my life but all the world around, one thing remains a constant, more people care than those who do not. Most people do something to make life better, the scale of which varies yet the importance of such selfless act is no less diminished.
How do you repay someone for opening their hearts and their home to you? How do you repay someone who try tries to make his or her fellow mates feel at home in a culture so apart from theirs? How do you repay someone that takes one of the their only two dollars in their pocket and gives it to you so you can buy gas, or food? How do you repay someone who is putting their life in danger so your life someday can have some stability? How do you repay a child who looks up at you and makes the world's problems seem less painful? How do you repay someone who loves you for just who you are? How do you repay someone who has so much passion and confidence in their craft and takes the time to teach to you what they know? How do you repay the person in your life that has influenced you the most by being steadfast in their convictions and who shows the world that all you have to do is want to make someone life better even with something so simple as listening to them or surprising them with your presence? How do you repay someone for creating awareness and starting movements to protect those who need protecting?
By taking the time to thank them not only with your words but with your kindness towards others. By taking the time to discover what is truly important, by reminding yourself when things are bad that it too shall pass so stay focused on the bigger picture and believe it or not by being yourself.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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