December 07, 2005

DTSS is Live!

FYI: When this blog is being updated you may not have the ability to view it until I save the page I am working on. Posting very early or very late seems to be working for me so will stick to that with the exception of the occasional mid-day contribution.
DTSS Blog is now live and well and can be accessed by the button on the side bar.

Not going to see the rest of you family for the Holiday? You can either count yourself as the lucky one or not, in any case a phone call will help bridge that gap but you already knew that. :-)
Email them a funny picture of you doing something they would never expect but don't give them a heart attack in the process.

Had plenty to gripe about but put it all in that happy place and now it's gone.

Thanks to RC for the parts!!! Love ya!
Thanks to DC for helping me get my pc working again. Who said old thing don't work good? Love ya too!
Thanks to my router, I have to go out and get another is no longer doing what it was meant to do, work! Ooops, that needs to go to the happy place too.

Letting my hair down and hope to do that more often...


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