December 01, 2005

Hurricane season, changes etc

So much for hurricane season ending on Nov 30th. They are on their own schedule as you can see by the one still lurking out there. (see weather links)

Nov 30th a day that will hold a special meaning for me for several reasons. One of the reasons is that I finished the online novel on time and I lived to tell about it. The NANOWRIMO is a November only writing gig hence the National Novel Writer Month title. Not going into details about the experience but I must say if you like the challenge of completing a 50, 000 word novel in a month then check out the link on the 2005 winners jpg on top of my profile.

Phoenixwaller congratulations and again thanks for the links!

One of the changes you will see on this blog in the coming weeks is that I am consolidating the links on the side bar to their own individual pages which you can access by the buttons I am currently designing. It will make the side bar easier and faster to navigate in other words less cluttered. You will still have access to the google ads from this page.

Well going to catch some zzzzzzzzz now.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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