December 26, 2005

Joking Around

Has this ever happened to you? You're with a group of people and someone comes out with what seems to be the funniest joke you have ever heard and you laugh so hard your sides hurt or the sip you were taking just burst out and sprays all, well I'm the one with the sides hurting. Have to applaud the people who can tell a joke the right way. Recalling and retelling joke is not my forte. I am more likely to be blushing after I butchered the punch line....yep that's me, smiling and just going with it cause sometimes that is all you can do. My bar room whit (which took years to ripe fully) gets me out of it at times but for the most part I refrain from retelling funny jokes unless I have memorized it like my life depended on it.

Not too long ago, I broke out with this one joke and right before the punch line everyone looked at me in anticipation not knowing whether or not I would get the punch line right. Just the look alone on their faces was enough for me to burst out laughing but I held the laughter in and delivered the punch line...and everyone laughed but there was a little something extra behind that laugh. What I didn't know was that they had all agreed, prior to me saying the joke, to all look at me so seriously and so intensely to see if they could make me nervous enough to forget the punch line, ha! It didn't work yet it reminded me that with this crazy bunch you have to stay on your toes cause you never know what they will be concocting next.


Anonymous said...

thats good norbey ... i can relate all too well .... although i dont laugh a lot ..never have ... i keep it in and just smirk at the person ... i perfer to get the people laughing whatver means fact id i had a favourite thing to do ..thatd be it .... although ..i have had drinks coming out of my nose at times ... and very rarely have had tears in my eyes from laughter ... making your friends crack up and put a smile on their faces .... usually in my case just by being crass ....and i like to put the visuals to my jokes ...yup even if its gay looking lol ..thanks for sharing that...

norbela said...

You're welcome Addy. So you are the one that we have to ask the waitress for 50 thousand napkins to clean up your "fountain drinks" lol. Thanks for the warning, now I know to keep an umbrella nearby.I bet you are pretty darn good with the visuals too, thanks man.

Anonymous said...

i remember when i was a kid... i was sitting at the table with my brother and sister ...we were having rice bubbles for breakfast brother did something obsene and stupid ..and i cracked up ..litterally rolling ...i was laughing so hard and yet trying to keep it in so myu parents wouldnt tell us off that rice bubbles started coming out of my nose.... a whole batch of the fuckers werew coming out ..which made us all laugh harder cos it was hurting ... but you couldnt stop ..... have never laughed thaqt hard since ..but its stilla good memory .....stupid kids lol

norbela said...

Re: Rice Bubbles
What a great story! Had a great laugh on that one...still funny after all these years!!!

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