January 14, 2006

Mainly Updating

1:45pm Link Update

-Just wanted to let you know that there are several new links in the Blog Emporium.
-There is also a new link in Blogs Visited.

Both located in the Blog Alley on the side bar. Have a few more links to add to the International Section and I'm doing a separate page and a button for that one....should post that between now and Monday.

Have a pleasant Saturday everyone.

5:10 Sidebar Updates:

-5 new Sports links can be found in the Sports Portal which includes auto racing, wrestling, sailing, tennis and women's football.

-New Side Bar Button: Just 4 Fun contains links such as online games.

-The Round Up and Meyer Anderson links are new and can be found on Favorite links. I had the pleasure of seeing Meyer Anderson live this summer, band was kicking up a storm in Texas! Have pic's!

11:25 am


This is what I have recently been up to besides the rl stuff, doing online searches and reading *my eyes hurt* through pages that may be of some reference or assistance or not! I started with the International section which my fav. link there is the international webcams. As that list grows it will get it's own page.

A reminder that you can also access the Olympic website from that sportal portal link located in the side bar.

The on-going events link is now on the side bar in the Favorite links!

Have only a few more links to add today and will do that a bit later.
Thanks for stopping by.


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