January 30, 2006

On-going Events

New T-Shirt of the Week:
Mastermind T-Shirt by Arcane Apparel was nomited by Phoenix and is the new t-shirt of the week in the *Dead T-Shirt Society. For more information on this item, visit the *DTSS Forum located on the side bar.

Current Sales:
There is still time to make your Valentine's Day and Anti-Valentine's Day purchases. Visit Cafepress to view designs, you'll to have a laugh or two.

*May contain language not suitable for all
Auction Update:
The auction is over, congratulations to Smokey on her winning bid! Thank you to all the participants. Stay tuned for future *DTSS auctions.

New T-Shirt of the week:
A brand new design from is the new t-shirt of the week. Please visit *DTSS forum (side bar link) for more details on this new item.

*Contains language not suitable for all.

Auction Update:
There's a new bid for the one of a kind Skull Head Walking Cane. This is a hot Sturgis item so if you, or someone you know, are into walking canes or into skulls you'll enjoy this item. Auction is still open.

New T-Shirt Of The Week:
The Uneventful Staff T-Shirt designed by Bratty Tees is this weeks new featured t-shirt at *DTSS.

For more information on the Walking Cane and this weeks t-shirt of the week, please visit the *DTSS Forum link on the side bar.

T-Shirt Of the Week:
Cherry Skulls Shirt by Oz Gear, visit the *DTSS Forum (side bar) for more details.

*Contains language not suitable for all.

Blow Out Sale:
The Post Holiday Blow Out Sale has been extended through Jan 9th. See Shop & Affiliates button on the side bar for further details.

We are currently having an auction at DTSS. The first donated item is a one of a kind Skull Head Walking Cane designed by renowned Australian artist, Addy of

T-Shirt of the Week:
Phoenix Fired bird cap sleeve t-shirt by Spice Tree Gifts is this weeks featured t-shirt at the DTSS Forum.

For more details on these items please visit the *DTSS Forum located on the side bar.

Featured Book: Torn by Jen Waller
For more information on author Jen Waller's latest published book, Torn please visit Jen's site.

*Contains language not suitable for all.


Mike said...

Nice Blog :)

norbela said...

Mike, thanks for stopping in. Glad you like it.

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