January 09, 2006

On This Monday...

Music is the subject of my blog today. I was going to write about what motivated me to start writing song lyrics but it's too personal and I can't go there. Where I can go is how I enjoy some songs and why. I listen to many types of music in different languages and for different reasons so I am in constant contact with good and sometimes poor lyrics.

Some songs I listen to all the time like the one I can not stop listening to of late. It is the Original of the Species by U2 recorded for their How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album. I was not even doing a music search when I found this song. It was on the home page of one of the big ISP's in the video section and I said "sure why not" and I am glad I did.

After seeing the video online and was completely taken in by the technology used and the performance but more so by the lyrics. If you ask me to pick a favorite line I would be hard pressed as the entire song moves me. It simply blew me away, obviously it struck a nerve and I could not figure out why I became so emotional over this song. Eventually I did figure it out. I've heard many and I can honestly say that this one is the one I can identify with the most. I know, sounds like a lot of PR going on but I am not associated with the group just in case you are wondering.

Some songs just can't be dismissed and for me, this one will never be. There are songs that take me back to many different stages of my life yet this one goes beyond that. It reached where other songs fail to go. Maybe I am doing a poor job explaining it, if so forgive me as I can not put into words exactly what that song means to me and that is a first for me. Am I going overboard with how this song impacted me? Maybe, yet I really don't care if that is the case. If you know me, you know that I won't edit myself if it is something I feel is worth saying. I am grateful that the inspiration for this song existed in my life-time therefore, here's an open thank you to P.H. and U2 for writing it and here's to
you for stopping by today.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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