January 26, 2006

Surprise, I don't think so!

Some people loved being surprised and some don't. I fall under the latter group. I remember once such surprise that happened while I lived in St. Thomas. I was in my bedroom standing in front of dresser brushing my hair. I was almost done when in the mirror I saw the reflection something moving near the window behind me. I turned and slowly walked toward the window as to get a closer look. All of the sudden across the screen came running this humongous green iguana. I ran so fast out of the room, past the bathroom, down the hall, straight through entry and out the front door. Everyone was laughing and once I realized I was better off inside than out there under all those trees I ran in again. That was my first and last encounter with an iguana of such size. I thought it was inside the house and after laughing it off I made sure never to open that curtain again. What ever wanted to run across the outside of the window screen was fine with me.

Now I am not as skiddish nor react the same way. I simply walk away just as when we found a snake hanging out near the front door. Nothing you can do other remain calm and make sure not to piss it off which in many instances is the best policy unless you like being bitten. I rather get a note telling me when to expect the next "surprise" but that is unrealistic. *Where is that magic wand!*
Have a nice afternoon everyone. I shall be back tomorrow with a few more pictures. Not of the beach this time but of a few pic's taken when I was in Texas last year. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I finished the albums!!! It was a labor of love, not easy yet worth it even if others may not share the same opinion if they ever get around to seeing them that is. Everyone is just so busy these days and no magic wand to be found!!!



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