February 23, 2006

First and last call.

So I checked my email and there it was, an email that came through my blog. It was from a friend, E.M. who had read this mornings Knowledge post. We met via our line of work a few years back and we stay in touch infrequently. Later in the evening E.M. called and we talked for a while, mainly over the posted article and the impact it made. I can't give specifics yet I offered to write a thank you comment for E.M.'s many praises, E.M. agreed I opted against the comment and instead entered it as my last post for today, if I can finish it before the clock strikes midnight. lol

E.M. thank you for your sharing what you shared with me tonight. I can see Catano from here, indeed I can. Gracias por tus palabras tan generosas.

One last note, my day started with an excellent call, one I made and it ended with another one, the one I received. Thankfully those two calls erased all the stuff that happened in between. Therefore, it wouldn't be right if I failed to thank M.B.A. Thank you M.B.A., for caring the way you do, for being true to yourself, for your immense understanding, for lending an ear and for answering the phone!



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