February 15, 2006

Wasn't on Vacation

I would have liked to report that I've been away on a fascinating trip yet I wasn't. RL grabbed me and didn't let go until recently. Sadly, some emails, I have yet to reply to. Bad, bad, bad me!!!

Yesterday was a hectic day. I was playing catch up since I was not able to do anything I had planned this weekend plus one of my girls turned 10yrs old. She loves that her birthday falls on Valentine's day. She spent the entire month of January talking about her birthday and a few days ago she painted her own birthday banners and taped them around the house.

We sat down a week or so ago and I asked her what she would like for her birthday. She asked for us to rescue to a dog from the pound. I love the way she thinks yet I had to break it to her gently, we weren't getting another dog. My oldest daughter moved back in and with her along came her puppy. Mr. D is what I sometimes call him. "D" as in destructive. He is now limiting himself to destroying lingerie...I have to admit he has good taste. I reminded my 10yr old that for now we have him to love and look after. She was okay with it and moved on. I wish I handled things the way she does. To her life is simple after all she is not even a teenager yet she asks for what she wants and moves on. She seldom ponders on what wasn't or what was. I know parent's like to brag about their children and I have never done this here before. When I looked at her blowing out the candles on her cake, smiling, so happy and so confident and I realized how much she has grown. I was touched and I didn't mind sharing that at all. I seldom speak of my family and am not planning on making that a habit. I want to respect their privacy.

Before I close, I wish to thank you for your concern. Let's put it this way, I was not able to get here however I'm elated that I'm here again. I missed you too. Without getting into details, I had to tend to a personal (medical) matter. Let's hope that's the first and last time that occurs.

After this weekend and the past several days, it seems a vacation is in order indeed, maybe soon.



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