March 01, 2006


My most recent mission is:

Cup of coffee - learn how to make myself a good tasting one!



Claire de' said...

Might I suggest..... investing in a coffee grinder. Getting some fresh Hazelnut or French Vanilla beans. Don't grind them too fine. Coffee strength depends on the water and what you do or don't put in it... If you like I black, I suggest 4 to 5 ground scoops. Not only do you get the coffee, but the room will smell like you baked cookies if you do the French Vanilla, and the Hazelnut is heaven. Not too strong but just enough of a difference. I.. Am.. A.. Coffee.. Queen..
Invest in a French Press... the smell... is as good as the taste.
Rule of thumb.. when bakeing follow the recipe, when cooking season to taste. Coffee is like cooking, you have to experiment and take notes. Not many people have found the perfect cup unless they make it for themselves.
Good luck perking. Claire de'

norbela said...

Hi Claire'de,
I would have you laughing so hard if you only knew how much and how long I have tried to make myself a good tasting cup of coffee. I have a grinder and have the grinding part down, the problem is mixing the right amount of cream, coffee and a hint of sugar! I have tried and never happy with the results so I drink it anyway! I will try the French Vanilla bean as you suggested and will let you know if I managed to finally get a formula down! Thanks, for the tips.

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