April 04, 2006

1 of those days

There are days where you have so much to say and nothing comes out right. You get a few lines into it and it goes no where, well at least no where you intend it to go, so I delete and delete and start anew. In all honesty, today is just one of those days that I am better off not blogging because it either will make no sense or go on and on about stuff you might not even find interesting, entertaining, amusing and most definitely not funny.

On to other matters, I had a few blogs to add to the blogs visited section but I can not seem to locate them (I must have I deleted them)...bummer. I remember where I ran into them so as soon as I go back there I'll add them.

One of the things I have been doing lately is blasting my headphones and of late I need to lower the volume, ears need bad we can't protect them from hearing stuff that at times we don't want to hear from other people...or make them hear what we want to hear from them.

Okay enough of that, I'll be back later with a few new links if all goes well.

Enjoy your day!!!


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