April 22, 2006

Been Up To

Been out and about mainly doing some window shopping and trying to narrow our wooden floor search down. Color, brand, durability, ease of installation etc...all things that have to be taken into consideration including the price of course. At first I thought I wanted to use tile until I felt it under my foot, didn't like how it felt, so hard...the wood in turn was more welcoming and would be kinder to the little ones as they continue to jump and bounce around. Can see them now sliding in their socks all over the place. So much for earth day right! Nah, no tree will be harmed in the making of my floors. Couldn't let the day close without adding here. The net has so many links about it and I only wanted one and that one won!

That is what I have been up to and also drawing a new landscape design for the front lawn. We are beginning that work today, we should have started 2 hours ago!!!

If I do not pop my head in here often this weekend then for sure, I will be back early Monday.


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