April 02, 2006

Blog Tools

Some of the blog tools that I have run into are becoming less complicated to install. The clock on the right was by far the easiest code to grab and install. It's cool to see the different clock styles other bloggers have added to their blog. In my quest to find and feature other tools I hit many sites. After going crazy trying to locate a decent calendar code I decided not to add one. Instead I added a shout box! You'll find it on the side bar, scroll down just past My Favorites section. Feel free to test it. If you decide to add one to your blog, the only tip I have is remember to select a language from the front page before you sign up. I tend not to use or recommend sites that require signing up yet the ease and variety of options of this shout box code was worth it. Shout box is powered by

Happy Testing


MSchannon said...

As a BCer, I'm going to trust your judgment on the ShoutBox thing. I've just gone in and signed up.

Has it increased your traffic at all?

MSchannon said...

As a fellower BCer, I'm going to trust your judgment on ShoutBox. I just went over and signed up.

Has it increased your traffic at all?

norbela said...

Hi MSchannon,

It was surely easier to click on the options than tryng to write the code. There are so many options to select from such as requiring an email address to post a message or not. I didn't opt for that in the configuration page because it'll start to eat up the space reserved for messages. You can also select the height of the box itself. As far as traffic goes, it's recent install the numbers went up mainly due to the article I wrote so the hit are based on search engines results. However, I installed it so friends and fellow bloggers can shout if they didn't feel like leaving comments. Plus we can chat realtime if I am online at the same time they are.
Let me know if you found it complicated or easy to set up.

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