April 14, 2006


It's good Friday and all I want to say is Thank God for friends and family that care enough to help us when we need it the most.

I am not going to use my time today to point out how much our immigration system sucks but I will leave our bureaucratic g-men lurkers with one question: What good reason do you have for stopping someone, who is not a criminal, from leaving one country to go back home? None, the system of checks and balances is way off kilter. Would you like to wager on how long it will take you to fix this too? No, I didn't think so, that's clearly a bad bet to make!!!

Sometimes I wonder why people want power if they are not going to help those who need it the most..instead they help along their self gratifying agendas.

Just when my faith in humanity was yet again being tested, along comes people like those I have the pleasure of knowing and with their caring and generous acts they restore my faith again. Thank you and don't ever stop loving and caring the way that you do!


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