April 18, 2006

Out of the blue

At times good things do come out of the blue!!! The phone rang, it was my one of my sons, the one in the military. My husband had three boys when I met him and he is the youngest one. He was calling from thousands and thousands of miles away!!! He's always on our minds for several reasons. We were elated to hear his voice and conversed for a few minutes specially since we missed his previous call. There were things we couldn't talk about of course, exact location, etc.. yet there were things we were able to discuss.

We did our best to send him hugs over the phone and told him we loved him over and over, you can never say that enough! We finally have his correct email address to send him pictures along with love you, miss you and stay safe notes. One of my little ones threw him kisses and he was tickled. Hearing him say he was okay felt comforting despite that his well being is a constant concern and it only last from one moment to the next along as he is assigned where he is.

As the call came to a close we reassured him we were all alright, the last thing he needs is to lose his focus right now. I hope this recent, out of the blue, call will carry him through to the next time we manage to speak again, until then he has no doubt that our love, thoughts and prayers accompany him always.


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