April 26, 2006

What is PR Grita?

In case you are wondering what the previous entry is all about, it is an informational article regarding a movement that is taking place on my island, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Grita is the message of this non violent island wide movement in order to urge the legislature and the governor to work together, agree and pass a budget. Layoffs are fast approaching for many. The hardest hit group will be the schools. The current plan is to let the teachers go, shut down the schools and all the services such as special needs services will cease. The people want othere solutions rather than these layoffs. Therefore, this Friday April 28, 2006 at 8am this never before organized march will take place. The key here is that NO political party will be featured. Marchers will wear white t-shirts to express their hope for a resolution.

This movements moto is Puerto Rico Grita! Puerto Rico Shout! In order to be heard sometimes you need to raise your voice and collectively the entire island is shouting for the legislators and the governer to come to a consensus. Will the people be heard? No doubt, they will!

Politics in PR is a heated year long sport! The people are so fed up with the constant finger pointing from one party to the other and NOTHING gets done. Due to that constant rhetoric, the people's patience is running thin. Many people believe that this does not affect them yet here is the low down. If things do not improve and do so quickly, trust me when I say, there will be a mass exodus from the island. Puertoricans are US citizens by birth and they do not need passports nor permission to move here. Many that remain will do their best to remove the people from office and the rest will try to stay out of harms way.

I love my island or best said, the island where most of my family is from. I was born in the States yet that does not diminish the love I have for the island. It has so much to offer and sadly the people who run for office are dogs, the majority are inept and only run for the perks and notoriety holding a political seat seem to offer them. If I were wrong the place wouldn't be going down the toilet.

Here is a sample of what has happened recent as yesterday. An email sent from some one stating that gasoline will run out soon on the island. This caused grid lock for miles, traffic if you can believe it, was worse than normal and those of you who have driven to Hato Rey in the morning or heading out in the afternoons know what I am talking about. The head of the Agriculture Dept.stated that he knew without any doubt that there is plenty of gas and urged everyone to not to listen to false reports. My question is, WTF, why is a politician causing such a stir? Plain and simple to throw a monkey wrench and scare people into not going to the march on Friday. To make the people worry about gas so they would stop protesting about the political stalemate going on. You ask, how do I know there was even such an email? Good question. The person who wrote it has not denied writing it and it's origen was confirmed by several people. This is what I have been tuned in to here for the past several days.

There is so much I am leaving out and so much that has concerned me. Will the politicians get their acts together thus avoiding what I am sure will be on headlines around the world on Friday, is this the beginning of something greater? We will find out soon enough.

To learn more about how and when this movement began please visit Fyi: I am not associated with that site nor with their sponsors yet am proud of the work they are doing, keeping the public informed!


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