May 02, 2006

5 Ways

Late in the day yesterday, these popped up in my head and I waited until this morning to post them. It's all in fun, hope that it at least brings you a chuckle.

5 Ways of getting a divorce from your wife without asking for one.

5. "Honey I just quit my great job for no reason at all now we can spend every waking moment together!"

4. "I just saw you talking to the mailman, you two make a cute couple."
3. "As of today, all phone conversations will be recorded."
2. "Can you give me your girlfriend's lingerie size?"
1. Purposely forgetting to remove the note on the dashboard of your car that reads "Shred all motel receipts!"


Claire de' said...

You forgot the rodeo sex one.

Just before climax, the husband yells out his sisterinlaws name and tries to hang on for longer than 8 seconds. ahem....

norbela said...

lol... how did I ever forget that one claire de'..too good!

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