May 07, 2006

Little box

Not sure what is going on with the shout box link. I am able to log into that account yet the actual shout box is not populating there or here. So far I have checked it twice. The last time this happened it was also on a Sunday so I am guessing the server is being updated. Even that little box needs maintenance...never the less it's still frustrating. I'll check in one more time before I log off and will replace link if it is working by then.

Until Monday.


Claire de' said...

In the words of Lucy....... WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
It is like the little refrigerator note pad for groceries... without it, you forget to say stuff. :(

norbela said...

It's been bumming me out too...tried to leave you a warning there about that second long book I wrote you yet couldn't...I am giving it one more day.Then I'll look to replace it with dif. one.

norbela said...

Claire de' oh okay, when where you going to give me the goods on that new southcoastcustoms page...let me know if you want me to add it to the shops page, actually I have to update it there Shadioux isn't over there either, my bad.

Claire de said...

Southcoastcustoms is not ready yet by a long shot... it is in the works. Just thought I'd give you a preveiew of the aussie connection. Shadioux is and will be a working site forever. It is a bit dated at the moment and has to be revised just intermingled with the new one. So.. you don't have to add anything as of yet or add both, one is going to be an online business card until it gets finished. Thanks for the book, have much to do today so will "ponder" lol and respond hopefully with an up and lighter mood. later ~~~~~

norbela said...

Oh, okay then I will hold off adding it to the site until you give me the green light, I would like to do a feature article on it, announcing the grand opening, and re introduce Shadioux there at the same time. Let me know if that sounds like something you would like and take your time with the reply on the "book", I know you are busy.

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