May 10, 2006

Up in the air!

By the lack of update over the weekend you can conclude that a resolution has not been reached in Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis. It's bonds were downgraded by Moody's on Monday as expected.

A sense of urgency is blanketing the island from what I could see on the news on Tuesday. There was a piece that shook me as it was about the battered women's shelter and how it is operating without any funds and will continue to do so until it can no longer offer services for displaced women. If they have to close, some of these women might return to their abusers due since they have no where else to go, they will be putting themselves in danger and maybe stepping into their graves. There are many stories to tell and in time they will surface I pray that none of those stories involve a woman who went back and died because of this fiscal crisis that everyone knows could have been avoided. How do you explain that to a child, that his or her mom died because people failed to agree on what course of action should be taken to fix a deficit? How can that be explained let alone understood?

In a daring attempt to move towards a resolution on Monday a Consensus Committee was formed. I call it daring because many who are not involved in this committee and remain behind scenes are livid! Livid people tend to seek revenge and in PR politics that is a recipe for more conflict. This commitee's only focus is working to remove the deadlock by coming up with a viable solution and presenting the legislature. All three vowed to stand by whatever resolution they agree on. My response to that is, we shall see if they will be steadfast on their feet or leave the island up in the air!


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