June 02, 2006

At the beach

Let's see where do I begin. Okay, I ran out of paint and only have 5 more doors to paint. We took a break and went to the beach yesterday and had a good time. Going to the beach during the week is great because you get the beach pretty much to yourself specially if you get there early. I did not take the camera with me this time but I intend to do that next week. We spent about 5 hours or so there and when we arrived home it started to rain hard and it rained all afternoon even towards the evening. We needed the rain and could use more. While at the beach it was so easy to forget the world and all it's issues. I didn't realize how much I needed the break and am so happy that we went.

Enjoy your weekend if you have it off and if you don't then remember that every night when you head home you are on a mini vacation until the next day when you have to go back to work again. Treat yourself to something special. Rent that movie you been meaning to rent or order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant or take a long bath while relaxing to your favorite music, last but not least get a good nights sleep. Little things can go a long way towards breaking the routine.

'til the next time...


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