June 17, 2006

My turn to write about hero's

Let's pretend that my back yard is this sprawling expansive land with no neighbors anywhere in sight. Now let's pretend I stepped out there and yelled at the top of my lungs out of frustration!!! Well that is what I wanted to do yesterday (Friday) afternoon right about at 4pm. There was a serious deadline looming and the person who had the responsibility for making sure that all went well decided to not return phone calls until 4pm and the news was not good. I immediately made a phone call and that started the ball rolling again and the deadline was met on time but not without some headaches. I am not the hero in this case. It was the people that so far have never let me down. They came up with a solution tried it and it worked. They put themselves out there and they shouldn't have, it was not their job. They weren't the only ones though. It was also someone who, despite just having returned from out of town, literally walking in the door just one hour before close of business and lent a hand. He not only came to the rescue but he worked until 7 that evening on a Father's day weekend which I am sure he had not planned on that when his morning started.

Stating that I am grateful doesn't do any justice for how I felt when we received confirmation that all was done and done well too! It is people like that who deserve to be called hero's because they didn't have to get involved but choose to and did it with class and a level of professionalism that blew me away.

Looking back there was nothing I could have done differently other than get involved at least one day sooner and this headache would have been avoided. The funny thing is that, it was not even my project. My role in it was merely a signature. We are having a meeting on Monday where this will be addressed. I am glad the weekend will serve as a calming down period. One thing is for sure we are not doing business with that company again. We were referred there and we decided to try it and try it we did! Honestly, I think that pride got in the middle. She was not returning calls after we told her to contact us by 4:30pm on Thursday the latest, if she was running into problems but she stated she had it under control. Several people and about $300 later it was resolved without her. This is not about her it is about the caring souls that stepped up.

What I should have remembered is that hero's are already in our lives, we just don't know it until the right time comes.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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