August 09, 2006

Added a new section

Hi there,

I was messing around with the site again. In my attempt to make room to feature a few products, I messed up the side bar so I opted to add it to the bottom of the blog. The new sections is titled, Featured Products and it will contain at least 3 products from my online shops. The original plan was to reduce their size and add at least 12 items yet I haven't made the time to work on that, yes I went the fast route this time.

The "Born in USA" black t-shirt was something I came up with after hearing someone state he was tired of being harassed because of his looks and thought he should walk around with a big sign that showed he was in the US legally, well the gears turned and I came up with that design. The second item there is not so new. I came up with that one a while back after warning people that I was tuning them out and that they needed to "Speak to the hormones" and the last item is a cool looking cap sporting the name of my favorite island, "Puerto Rico". Those are the three featured items.

Enjoy and have a pleasant afternoon.


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