August 17, 2006

My sister and choices

My sister lives in a different time zone and for all accounts lives a totally different life than I do. It was her birthday yesterday. After not reaching her the first time I called, I tried one more time later in the evening and we ended up talking until midnight. We talked about so many different things including the state of our aging bodies.

For starters let me paint you a mental picture of her. Her hair is long, very long, and she is slimmer than anyone I have ever met, she's probably a size zero. She is also a vegetarian, doesn't drive a car, not married and nor has kids. I've mentioned a while ago that she's a wonderful singer and plays the piano. All that being said, I am the complete opposite to her on all those points I mentioned. I'm far from the zero mark on my waistline, my hair is just below my shoulders, hers is just below her waist, I like meat :-) and have a spouse and children. There are a few more differences but those are the main ones. A few things we do have in common is that we enjoy wine and enjoy the outdoors. You would think we wouldn't have much to talk about at least not several hours worth of conversation without getting to that awkward moment where both want to say, "that's nice, okay bye" and hang up the phone. We laughed and at times needed to take a pause because we had laughed so hard. It is rare that we are on the phone with eachother because I can never keep track of her changing schedule plus there is a three hour time difference, when I think she's working, she's sleeping or the other way around so it worked out perfectly last night. The girls were in bed, the house was quiet and I could actually have a conversation with another adult without having to play referee at the same time.

I can appreciate her now more than I could when we were growing up. She respects my choices and I respect hers and we have never made the other person feel uncomfortable nor inadequate about those choices. I still run into people that tell me how they wish they could be a stay at home mom or work from their homes, and how I lucky I am to be able to do those things. Hello! Luck has nothing to do with it. I made some very hard choices and I am following through with them until I make other choices. Okay I know I went slightly off topic but the point is my sister made her choices for her life and so I have, albeit different choices yet one is not better than the other one, they are just different. I love her, she loves me and that is all that matters. I only hope more people will see that they need to live the life they want, even if it takes years getting there but please stop trying to make someone else feel inadequate for their choices. The sad part is that the people who make those comments will most likely not read this nor get the message. Regardless of that, I'll still wish them happiness, good choices and much health.

Happy Thursday!


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