September 12, 2006


In a few days my stepson will graduate from the police academy. Not sure what to get him as a graduation gift. Someone suggested a gun but he can pick out his own gun because I am NOT getting him one. It's a personal thing. You have to try the grip, the weight, the style etc. Imho, that is one of those things you get for yourself and not for someone else.

Catch up with you all soon.


Claire de' said...

How bout getting him some.. donuts. lol. Or perhaps an old keystone stick. Maybe a set of fur lined hand cuffs the the police issue ones are so ... cold.
OR.. get him a kids badge and holster etc... so he can practice till he gets the real thing. There you go, just a few of my ideas. ... oh.. If he has a girlfriend, she could play too... get her an orange jumpsuit or a striped numbered shirt lol.. ok ENOUGH.

norbela said...

LMAO!!! Hahaha, literally still laughing my a off! Claire 'de, none of them occurred to me and at least the donught one should have popped up in my brain. Oh I am getting him a HUGE box of Krispy Kremes, lol for starters. Maybe I should learn the words to that songs, "what you gonna do when them come for you bad boysm bad boys" from that tv police show...

Thanks for the great suggestions!


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