October 23, 2006

Fun or bust

Hi there,

No comments on how my weekend went, hope yours was a good one. Okay just one comment. I am glad it is over.

Do you recall when I mentioned I was going to add more fun into my life? I do. So far not much fun on my to do list. Do I even know how to have fun? I need to explore this. Let's idea of fun is watching funny movies. Singing along with some familiar songs while not getting criticized if I am off key. That's why I sing in the car when I am alone. What else do I consider fun? Creating something out of nothing. Bowling and volleyball but not at the same time. Is that it???? There just has to be more! I am so wrapped up in getting things done that I believe I have forgotten how to have fun. Chores aren't fun. Repeat, chores aren't fun. Watering the plants is not fun, it's a choir I don't mind doing.

Dancing, that's fun! I could do more of that around here. I'm going to work on this and get back to you. In the meantime, I wonder how much time you have set aside just to do something that brings you joy?

Here's to fun, it only takes a few minutes but it's effects last a while longer!


Claire de' said...

The trick here is, to sing while you are doing your chors. Dance while you are working. If it was good enough for the seven dwarfs, it should be good enough for us. I find found out at an early age that if you sing Bob Dylans song "Lay Lady Lay" to chickens when you are picking eggs, they have a fondness for you that would not be there other wize, it works that way with all of it. I find myself singing the crappy theme songs for windex, mr. clean, sos pads you name it, depending on which crap I'm using that the time. If there is not theme commercial song, I make one up. As far as danceing goes, I end up doing a modified naked twister version while trying NOT to step on a critter in my path. I was in a modern dance troup when I was 17, have not done much of it since. My tits are too big to dance anyway, too many black eyes if I really get into it. Ok, I'll stop now before I get tooooo grafic.

norbela said...

I get it...the whistle while you work thing....okay, i'll have to try it, it does sound like fun. The theme songs....OMG, that happens to you too! Only that they pop in my head when I am about to go to sleep. There I am wanting to sleep and a jingle or a piece of song from a disney movie just won't leave me alone. Most recently it was "You've got to move it, move it" from the movie Madagascar. Then it only leaves after some other jingle/theme replaces it. I tell ya it's never ending. I'll have to use a portable player with headphones if I'm going to have to hum not sing while working cause the office is upstairs and people are on the phones a good portion of the day. Last thing clients need is to hear someone in the background sounding as if she in pain or something like that. :-)
Ty Claire de'!

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