November 13, 2006

How do you thank a Veteran?

On the 10th I posted a brief thank you note here to honor Veterans. I was not done therefore I wrote a slightly longer and personal note of thanks. Instead of posting it here at that time I emailed it to my military friends and family. Without further delay, I'm posting it here. If you happen to read it and it happens to touch you then I have thanked you in a way I was not able to thank you in the earlier post.

How do you thank a Veteran?

Yes, saying thank you is a start however letting them know that they made a difference is also a way of saying thanks. Thank you for your sacrifice, your involvement, your commitment to the uniform when it was your time to do as you were expected to do. Not an easy job and only you know how you made it through those rough times. Still, I am glad you are here, present and forever more being a living testament that you stepped up when you were needed.

May this Veteran's day be one of peace in your heart and of reflection, for we are proud of the service you gave.

Love Always,




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