November 24, 2006

No thank you, I'll stay home today

Nope, you won't catch me running to the stores for deals and discounts today. I've done that and the saving is not worth being put the rudeness of other shoppers out there. It is very tempting to run out and take advantage of a bargain, I am not saying there is anything wrong with it. Issues such as people cutting you off at the parking lot while you've waited patiently for someone to put their purchases away, your blinker is on and as soon as they pull out some joker pulls in and smiles while they walk out and heads towards the store, really turn me off to the whole thing. They are the kind that give truth to "it's a dog eat dog world" motto. Once in a store you have the tons of people crammed into isles reaching for the same items, then getting on line to pay while complaining of only 2 cashiers working on such a busy day like this.

Years ago we stopped using credit cards to buy holiday gifts because the January bill was some thing we no longer wanted to see or deal with, we learned. Just as we learned that shopping the day after Thanksgiving is not for all, who wants that kind of stress when purchasing a Christmas gift for a loved one? We complain that our lives are hectic, our days are packed, the question is are you going to keep complaining or are you going to do something to change that in your life? People tried to make me feel guilty about not catching the "good" deal to which I argue what constitutes good? Quality of life here and there is better than a discount any day. Then you have a valid argument when speaking of those on a tight budget and shopping on black Friday. If you do your homework you'll be able to compare prices online, call the stores, see if they still have an item before running out and learning it nevert arrived at the store to begin with or they ran out an hour after the store opened. We do most of our holiday purchases during the year because most of the time the things we are interested in are out of stock come the Holiday season. The remaining purchases we'll pick up sometime during the next two weeks. So far, that's working for us.

Ulitmately, t's not just about the money, it's about not losing your mind in the process.


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