January 11, 2007

1st Anniversary of Nixzmary’s Brown Death

Article after article throughout the year described the tragedy that took place on January 11, 2006 in Nixzmary’s home. Some describe how she was found, what the medical examiner states she endured and what eventually caused her death. The jerk that killed her spoke as if it was her fault she died, not his. What a bunch of baloney to put it mildly! In interviews, this creep did not explain exactly what he did to her yet he went into length about all the things Nixzmary did to upset him. That somehow his frustration due to recently becoming unemployed and her behavior caused him to abuse her. There were reports of people illegally looking into her medical records. It seems that no even in death was she respected.

So many children die at the hands of their parents or guardians all the time so why is this case so special or different? In many ways it is not different and in many ways it is. What happened to her is more common than we like to admit. What made her so special was the fact that we could not look away when faced with her big gleaming eyes, forcing us to face head on the hell she was living. We asked ourselves if we could have done more. We look around to see if we recognize the same lost look in other children’s eyes and we hug are kids more often and tell them we love them. We remember the crying words at her funeral of someone saying she was sorry for not helping her. We felt those words down to our core for the angst and pain were genuine, our ears and eyes couldn’t escape the truth. No one protected that beautiful 7year old child. Nixzmary was frequently abused until the day it took her life. There was no way to avoid awakening from our desensitized zone. We wept, we became angry at her parents, we thought about her siblings, we wanted justice and to date it has not been served. As of today, one year later, her mother and her killer have not had their day in court. I don’t want to write her parent’s name here because this is about Nixzmary. She lived a horrific life but the rest of the world wasn’t aware until the day she died. Those who knew and could not remove her from that environment are probably living with pain yet it will never come close to what she had to endure. Will that be her legacy? I hope not. I wish people learned that you can’t treat people less than you would expect to be treated. There are consequences, there are always consequences! Life in prison is not what I would give her parents. In my perfect world they would have been turned into ashes a long time ago.

I prefer to believe her death needs to bring major changes. The Nixzmary Bill was proposed last year. Child protection agencies have been shaken up and looked into with magnifying glasses since her death. I know one of her brothers went to live with his biological dad. I’ve added links at the end of this article which *chronologically displays what has taken place as of January 11, 2006.

We are not here alone, although we act like it, therefore now that you know about Nixzmary do her favor, take her story and learn from it. Seek help. If you think it is okay to cause harm, think of the consequences. Think of Nixzmary.


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