April 07, 2007

Kids Time Again

Yes, I know I have posted links for kids activities in the past. Those links were mainly for downloading printable activities such as coloring or craft projects.

The sites I am featuring today are geared towards science, math and history for the most part. There are lots of good links at:

My kids and I enjoyed this earth and space site: is also a great site for helping with language, spelling, reading, math and other K through 8th grade skills. This site has interactive or printable activities including math drills.

You don't have children, no problem. Let's say you have a cousin, niece or nephew visiting and the weather is not so great outside. Any of these sites will keep him or her engaged in educational activities for a while. No little ones visiting, that is not a problem either. Your friends or a family member that do have children are always in need of educational sites on the web. They'll put these sites to good use.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the above sites. I found them on the web, visited them and now sharing them with you.



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