April 17, 2007

Massacre at Virginia Tech, The Day After


Last night most of the media outlets dubbed the vicious shooting at Virginia Tech,as the Massacre at VA Tech. Today the shock has not let up, between yesterday grave events, listening to press conferences, getting updates and being interviewed by the media the campus emotions are overwhelmed.

We were told that professors and students alike have perished. There is cell phone video where you could hear shots being fired while police neared Norris Hall. When you see that video, you think of the person taking the video and you are concerned for their safety, you think of the Police, what if they are shot at, you hope that doesn't occur because you know you can't watch it. You pray no one is hurt yet you can not turn away from the fact that as you hear those shots people were being fired upon. Thirty three people were killed and over a dozen wounded.

Security questions arouse and with that so did the level of anger of those asking the questions, understandably so, I have to say.

Latest Press Conference @ 9:20am: As of the lasted press conference, VA Tech has cancelled classes for the rest of the week. The administrative office will open April 18Th. Norris Hall will be closed for the remainder of this semester. An alternative location is being sought. Student, faculty and staff counseling is available at Macomas Hall. Employees may seek assistance at Brush Mountain Room in the Squire Student Center. Today's convocation will be held at 2pm at the Cassell Coliseum.

A 23 year old senior English major, student of VA Tech that lived in Harper Hall was identified as the perpetrator. His is identified as Cho Seung-Hui of South Korean descent. His was a resident alien with his hometown listed as Centerville, Virginia. It is believed his parents reside at that location.

One 9mm handgun and one .22 caliber handgun were the two weapons were found at Norris Hall. There were victims in the stairwell and in four classrooms. The shooter took his life and was found in the midst of other students in one of the classrooms. Thus far there is no evidence of an accomplice yet that is still being vigorously investigated. According to the medical examiner the identification of all the deceased and will take several days.

Ballistics confirmed that bullets from a 9mm handgun was linked to both shootings that took place on the campus yesterday. Fingerprints have also connected him to both shootings. The first shooting took place in the dorm at Ambler Johnston Jall at 7:15am. The second shooting took place in Norris Hall at 9:45am. One of four area hospital's reported that 3 victims of yesterday tragedy have been upgraded from critical to stable condition. Another hospital reported they still have one of the victims in critical condition.

After the press conference more information came about including that there will be a candlelight vigil at 8pm Drillfield on the VA Tech Campus in Blacksburg VA. We also learned that is a positive match between fingerprints on the at least one of weapons and his Visa. Not to anyone's surprise the serial numbers had been scratched off the weapons. It has also been reported that he left a disturbing note at the dorm in Blacksburg. It has not been confirmed so far, if the shooter was also the person responsible for the bomb threats received at the at that campus earlier in the month. Receipts for at least one of the weapons were found in his backpack along with sections of a chain similar to the one used to lock the doors at Norris Hall. These doors were locked from the inside. This action clearly served to keep people from escaping to safey and delayed the entry of police.

This mad man was on a mission to take out as many as he could. Baracaded classrooms doors, running to rooms with locks on them, students pretending to be dead, even jumping out of a window all of these actions saved lives!!!

The pain of it all is so fresh and real. Virginia Tech you have our love and prayers!


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