April 16, 2007

The Worst School Campus Tradegy in US History


I was not aware of what happened until 11am when I turned on the t.v. This morning Virginia Tech was the site of a deadly shooting that took the lives of many students and left many injured. Thus far, there has not been any news as to how many victims were faculty/staff and how many were students. The school is also keeping students and parents updated via their web site: The contact number for the Dean of Students at the campus is 540-231-3787.

According to the lastest (4pm) VA Tech news conference more information can also be found at the Virginia State Police website. That site is experiencing very heavy traffic therefore it my take a while to load.

Our thoughts, strength and prayers go out to the Virginia Tech community, the parents and relatives of all those touched by this horrific and senseless act.

For more details:

VA Tech, Collegiate Times Breaking News: Collegiate


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