May 17, 2007


Question: Why do you blog?
Answer: Blogging helpful in many ways therefore I blog.

Question: Do you think blogging is for everyone?
Answer: Everyone can make their own determination regarding that tyvm.

Question: Do you believe blogging is a fad?
Answer: Blogging was born and it will evolve just as other mediums have, Imho it is not a fad.

Question: Do you believe some blogs are dangerous?
Answer: I believe some people are dangerous. If you want to share facts share them, if you want to share your version of the facts all you are doing is guiding people to an incorrect conclusion.

Question: Do you see yourself blogging forever?
Answer: No. I won't be around forever.

Question: Do you have other interests besides blogging?
Answers: Yes.

Question: Is it true that you are also sending posts to your blog via cellphone?
Answer: Yes, it's true. It is such a cool tool! After reading much about it, I sent the first text msg and it went through and posted as a regular article. I place my mobile text within parenthesis to distinguish it from the other entries.

Question: How do you post messages via your cellphone?
Answer: If you have a blogger account read
Blogger Mobile FAQ's. Once you have determined that your cell and blog are mobile blogging capable read the 2nd paragraph in this blogger help file if you need further assistance contact Blogger Help Group.

Question: Why do you like the mobile blogging feature so much?
Answer: During severe weather, specifically during Hurricane season, I shut off my pc. Mobile blogging during such weather is the fastest way to keep my family and friends updated about my welfare.

Question: What are you venturing into next?
Answer: Not sure, I can barely keep up with all the new gadgets, widgets, gizmos, apps, proggys etc.

Today's QnA session is a result of rl conversations with friends and neighbors who were curious about blogging.


What I Listen to When Writing:

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