August 13, 2007


Well by now you must notice the i-trend. It's me, just messing around.

Okay, I spent some time last night checking the site for dead links along with updating other info. I added several interesting links in Forums. In the Sports Portal there are also a few more additions, specifically AVP and Rugby links.

Besides Twittering, I have been researching Facebook. I stopped myself before venturing further when I realized that if I keep joining online communities just for the sake of joining, I'll be joining everything interesting that comes along every few months etc. Who knows, I may change my mind in the near future. For now, I'm squashing any desire to join another site. Don't get me wrong networking, connecting, socializing is key yet right now I am finally balancing my time. What's the point of consuming 95 percent of the time online while only having 5 percent left for taking care of myself and my family? So, I guess you can say itweaked myself too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Feel free to comment me any dead links that you may run across on this site, thanks.


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