August 07, 2007 Milestones

Have you stopped by lately? Sporting a diverse number of channels which will entertain you to say the least. I get a warm feeling inside when I look back to see how far has come since it's inception. It would be fairly easy to sit here and point out the many things that did not go so well, however I am not focusing on that today. Why? I'm confident that the Jtv team is aware of what needs tweaking. Jtv fans/viewers are great at emailing questions, advice and concerns. While I have seen some changes I know more are on the way. It is the nature of an evolving business.

Milestones are being reached. Most recently the network has opened for those who are interested in publishing on the site. I am so looking forward to the continued growth of the site. To be able to travel real time to a persons home, sharing their life as they go about their day while not leaving the comfort of mine, is huge. It is not about being nosey, nor about voyeurism. I believe is dead on with the new age of information becoming accessible in a way that few envisioned. Tooth paste, clothing, types of food, charities, activities, beliefs or lack thereof, concerns, local economy are just a few things you maybe exposed to while viewing the more than 20 Channels.

I sense a non implied tone of people becoming better acquainted with the particulars about others in the world around them in a way that our televisions can not offer. Not knocking tv in it's entirety for it has it purpose, however real life around the world is something we should all have at our finger tips. Like with anything else, not all topics will be to your liking. If I am on a role about it, it is due to the possibilities this platform has to offer.

Btw, did I mention you can also interact with the site, video publisher also with other viewers? You can select a broadcast, tip it on which ever channel you are on so others can see that specific video tip in the future if they so wish. You can chat with other viewers, with the person on cam when they're in their chat room. In some cases you can call in to speak live. Do I have my favorite Channels? I sure do yet I am not telling. You'll just have to stop in to find your favorites. If you would like to have your own channel? Go for it! Links: also


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