September 24, 2007

What I've been doing

For the most part I have been enjoying itunes, videos from and adding widgets to my Google desktop. It is so convenient to work and see new mail pop up in a discrete space on my screen. It allows me to see what emails I want to read now or tackle later on.

Also, I've been tossing around some theme ideas for the site. As is stands, it's mainly thoughts and links. Many thoughts never make it here, I edit myself over and over (some of you already knew that) therefore a theme is what I have been working on. So far I've come up with several themes, such as top 5 reasons why people etc.... I purposely left out the last part of that because I have several in mind, have not decided on one yet.

Besides being online, I've been getting back into my workout routine which to my surprise has totally suppressed my appetite. I'm rolling with that as long as it lasts!



What I Listen to When Writing:

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