October 11, 2007

It happened again

Today as a distraction, I've been catching up on some of my rss feeds subscriptions. Most of the feeds are news related such as latest health news, tech news etc. Just when I think I am strong enough to stomach certain news along comes an article that stirs every ounce of my being. This New York Times article by Timothy Williams has upset me. It is the testimony of an 11yr old girl describing the hell her 4yr old brother Quachaun Browne went through at the hands of her moms live-in monster. This happened about a month after Nixzmary was killed in 2006. Of little comfort is the fact that the law eventually caught up with the individuals responsible for these murders. Of greater comfort would have been these children being spared such horror in the first place. It is easy to play the blame game in these two cases. How can this be avoided? If it takes therapy, medication, staying away from kids, deciding not have children to begin with are all better options than taking a child's life and then rotting away, year after year, in jail for it. It makes sense, right!


L said...

aww that is really sad :[

N. said...

L, it sure is. Kind of you to comment on it.

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