November 13, 2007

Very Sick People

What kind of people set up a fake Myspace account in order to probe a teenager about how she feels about their daughter? Believe it or not adults were behind the fake profile. Steve Pokin wrote the article in the St. Charles Journal.

I have to give you a heads up, the article is a bit lengthly however it is a fast read. The information there may outrage you as it was the case with me and with so many others whom were compelled to leave comments.

Please forward the article or link to bring awareness to those in the RL that may not be aware about what some adults are doing out there to some unsuspecting teenagers. This is not about a teenager that was irresponsible while on Myspace. Her parents did everything right regarding her online activities. This is about a teenager that was preyed upon by adult sick bully neighbors in order to probe this young lady about her opinions about their daughter.

I won't spoil the article for you. I tell you something though, I really hope the neighbors can be prosecuted for falsely representing themselves as a 16yr old by the name of Josh Evans while using predatory tactics against a minor. Maybe you'll agree with me that Megan would still be alive if it were not for their actions.


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