February 09, 2008

Lighter Look

Well I finally took the time to make some of the changes on the blog. It's an ongoing process. There isn't much new to the site besides the colors and consolidation of a few of the side bar links. I was growing tired of the dark look on the site. Who knows, maybe in a few months, I'll grow tired of this new look. In the meantime, I have a few more links to check.

There are 3 new pictures in the picture time page, see side bar for link.

I've also been reading a few new blogs, will post those links soon. Besides that I have been adding labels to posts that didn't have them so I can create a label sections on the side bar. I am only going to add about a list of 5 labels after all the list can be a long one so it's best to keep it short and simple.

I deleted twitter and shoutbox yet I'm thinking about adding twitter back. I often update there so it makes sense. Another widget I am looking into is a music player.

Stay tuned.



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