January 11, 2009

Nixzmary Brown 3rd Anniversary

Today marks the third year anniversary of Nixzmary Brown's death. When thinking about Nixzmary it is really easy to shift the focus to what has happened to the people who hurt her and let her down in the worst way. I don't want this to be about them, it would be as if ignoring her all over again as it was done to her when she was alive.

She needed love, patience and guidance. Some tried, some felt their hands were tied but they tried. Some didn't try enough and the others just thought someone else would take care of it...and they did yet not in the way anyone expected.

Ever so often her picture pops up on the news in relation to the case against her mom and stepdad. You can't help but look into her eyes and not even hear what is being said. It is almost as if the words now are meaningless because she needed them when she was alive.

Then the "what if's" start as in, what if she would have been taken in by a caring relative, what if the state had taken her, what if her mother had the sense to be protective of her instead of being her monster.....what if??? Well we all know that going down that path does not help.

This anniversary and the two prior, could have all been avoided. I just don't know who else she could have turned to that would have ensured her safety, I don't know.

Dear little Nixzmary, you are not forgotten.


La Reyna said...

Nixzmary won't be forgotten by me. She'll always have a place in my heart and mind. May she be at peace.

La Reyna

N. said...

La Reyna, thank you for remembering Nixzmary. kind of you to come in and leave a comment.

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