October 19, 2009

Adding a Twitter Widget


There are so many ways to customize your sites and not all of these customizations need to be complicated. This is for all who are not experts in the twitter widgetverse. Let's say your are into art and you would like to display/feature all the #art search results to share with your readers. If you already have an existing Twitter account then all you'll need to do is visit: which can also be reached if at the bottom of your Twitter page. You'll find several widget options there on the left column. (see pix)

Make your selection then follow the very simple steps to add content, set preferences then you'll be ready to add the widget to your site. Yes it's really that simple. If you would like to see an example, I have added a #beatcancer rss widget on the sidebar now located at bottom of this article. You're not limited to search results, you can also add your own Twitter account feed, those of your followers or even your favorite tweets.


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