November 17, 2009

Away from Twitter Message #Tway

Origin: #Tway is brief twitter message that lets your followers know you are unavailable. It acts like an email "Out of Office" message. It was inspired by the "Gone Fishing" sign.

First Time Used: On 12:47 PM Nov 17, 2009 I created #Tway.  This was the message: @AbbyCe [#Tway @ Lunch] My new "away from twitter" sign. Now-a-days are we really ever away from twitter anyway?

Location: Twitter Hashtag Search Results for #Tway:

Status: (Pending) Hashtag Submitted to Hashtag Reference

Status Update: Nov 25, 2009 Registered per @newtag : New tag: #tway is an "away from twitter" message lets followers know you're unavailable More info:


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