January 12, 2010

Nixzmary Brown 4th Anniversary

Instead of writing about Nixzmary yesterday Jan 11, 2010, on the 4th anniversary of her passing, I decided to read more about her life. After reading about her tragic life, I paused and wondered if I was better off not knowing. "Pain is pain" I thought to myself. However, I continued reading because she continued to endure a nightmare everyday. What's a few words compared to the constant terror she experienced? To say that I was at a loss for words is an understatement. When I saw the pictures of the room in which she met with her death, it was overwhelming. It was so haunting.

There is just no amount of justification for how everyone pretty much let her down her whole life. I've seen people go out of their way for an animal yet not out of their way enough for her when she was alive and sadly not well. My answers are not as crucial to answer as much as the answers of all the people in her life. People that I hope every single day of their lives deep down inside ask themselves, "Why did I hesitate?" Are they at peace with themselves? I doubt it. However, she is now resting in peace.

Remembering Nixzmary Brown.

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